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"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Tygres Heart Shakespeare

"With an eye for comedy and a well-seasoned talent for choreography and physical staging, guest director Michael Menger brings an immediate accessibility to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Comic bits abound: actors jumping into each others arms, sliding down ramps, double takes, erection takes, homoerotic snuggles, leaps, happy shoves and nymphic climbing."  - Andrew Harris, Anodyne, November 1997
"Director Michael Menger has given the proceedings an interpretive shake in keeping with the company's credo to present "ferocious" and "intimate" Shakepeare.  Menger and his cast have decided to push the comic aspects of the play, sometimes to a dizzying extent." - Barry Johnson, The Oregonian, 1997

"Elixir of Love"
PSU Opera

"Michael Menger cleverly updated it to a courtyard in Italy in the late 1950's, with the women sporting beehive hairdos and spaghetti-strap sundresses.  Instead of being a wealthy landowner, heroine Adina owns a cafe in this production.  Thankfully, this new staging has eliminated the "happy-peasant-in-dirndls" chorus scenes that can be so unintentionably laughable.  Menger has given it some highly amusing and entertaining touches, such as putting members of the cast sipping espresso on the stage before the show begins, partying during intermission, and even cleaning up after the show ends." -Amy Martinez Starke, The Oregonian, May 27, 1996

Role of
Triangle Productions

"Menger, as Jeffrey's frustrated Mr. Right, is both irresistable and moving, utterly credible in his complex portrait of an HIV survivor (so far), determined to live life to the fullest as long as he is able." - Bill Rampelt, The Downtowner

"Comedy of Errors"
Antipholus of Syracuse
Tygres Heart Shakespeare

"Menger plays his Antipholus with a bit of Cary Grant devil-may-care....It's the ability of Menger to seize command of the show that really sets fire to this production.  His exaggerated jauntiness is hilarious, and it sets just the right tone for the rest of the show.  And that's just how this Comedy of Errors should be taken: as a cartoon, lively and absurd."  - Barry Johnson, The Oregonian, Wednesday, April 23rd, 1997
"Michael Menger is smashing as one of the Antipholi..." -Stephen Silvas, Willamette Week, 1997

"The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me"
One-Man Show
Triangle Productions

"A winning performance." -Barry Johnson, The Oregonian, February 20, 1996
(Willamette Week Pick) "As he expressively reveals the personality of the play's author, actor Michael Menger also makes these experiences and feelings his own." - Barbara Moshofsky, Willamette Week

Artistic Director/Performer
The Really BIG Dance Company
1991 - 2001

"Michael Menger, a mime of great accomplishment, an elegant mover and not a bad cabaret singer." -Martha Ullman West, The Oregonian, Tuesday, August 13th 1996