Michael Menger has been writing and directing for over 15 years.  He has extensive experience work-shopping original plays, as well as giving detailed and constructive feedback to playwrights during their creative journeys. 

Inspired by numerous physical theater and modern dance companies Michael founded The Really BIG Dance Company in 1991. Dance pieces were created collectively and the company got a reputation for their unique sense of humor. (Most famous was the legendary dance piece: Cows.) The company was incorporated as a non-profit in 1995 under the new title The Really BIG Production Company Michael served as Artistic Director until 2001 when he chose to leave the Northwest to pursue a career in New York City.

While in Portland, Michael had the opportunity to direct opera, musicals and straight plays in a variety of venues; from hole in the wall theatres to the prestigious Portland Center for the Performing Arts in Portland, Oregon and the beautiful Pantages Theater in Tacoma, Washington. Regardless of the locale, Michael quickly became known for his inventive staging and highly physical productions.

In additon to directing and choreography, Michael has written several plays including, Tracks, The Really BIG Dance Company Goes To Hell!, The Holiday Show, The Pirate Show!, Out West!, and most recently Perfection, which he wrote, produced and directed for his wife Kellie. Michael and his wife are currently putting the finishing touches on their much awaited musical extravaganza: The Really BIG Pirate Show!


My approach:

If you're looking for a "method" teacher you've got the wrong guy. There is no single method that I use. Every situation, every piece, every medium, calls for unique solutions. I work with actors to free up their ability to make "choices" about their acting. I help them discover new ways of thinking about text, character, physicality and emotion.

My approach is to transform actors into artists. To show a way of working that is thoughtful, results oriented and completely honest.

In addition, I make actors aware of areas that need attention; whether they be physical quirks, emotional resistance, or textual research.

And above all...I make the process fun. Because if it isn't fun, why are you torturing yourself?

A NOTE ABOUT SHAKESPEARE: "It sounded like you were speaking modern English!" is a complement I regularly receive from people after my performances. If you're having trouble with the language, I offer specific tools to "speak the speech" with clarity.

Please email me to discuss your needs and how I might be able to help you.

My rates:

I charge $40 per hour, for one-on-one sessions. Rate is negotiable for multiple sessions. Group rates are negotiable depending on size. We can meet at a place of your choosing or I can arrange for a studio rental. Payment is due at the conclusion of the session. Cash only.

I look forward to hearing from you.